Tips for Home Energy Savings

Many families and individuals can save on their utility costs by taking these simple steps to reduce home energy use:

  • Replace incandescent lights with fluorescent lights whenever possible. In comparison to incandescent lights, fluorescent lights produce four times as much light per watt, last ten times longer, and cost 75% less to operate. 
  • Use “task lighting” whenever possible, focusing light on the area or space it is needed instead of illuminating the entire room.
  • Avoid over-lighting rooms. Use the smallest wattage lamp that provides the light you need.
  • Keep light fixtures and bulbs clean and free of dust.
  • Install solid state dimmers in areas where full lighting is not always required. Do not place compact fluorescent lamps on dimmers unless product packaging explicitly indicates that this is permitted. 
  • Choose light colors for walls when decorating, since light colors reflect more light than dark walls.
  • Install motion sensors on outside security lights.
  • Install a timer to turn lights on and off while you are away from home for an extended period.
  • Open window coverings to take advantage of natural daylight whenever possible.

Making these simple changes can result in significant home energy savings!

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