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Pacific Lamp is making the following special offers available only to visitors to our website.

700 Series light bulbs
T8 Fluorescent Tubes
F32T8 32 Watt 48”
F32T8/730 3000K
F32T8/735 3500K
F32T8/741 4100K

$4 each!
(Or buy by the case. For 25 or 30 count, the price drops to only $3.50 each!)


Pacific Lamp carries over 5000 different light bulbs and specialty lamps, including:

• Spot Lamps • Flood Lights • Induction Lights • LED Lights • CFL Lamps
• Spiral CFL Light Bulbs • Spring Lamps • Halogen Bulbs • Fluorescent Light Bulbs • HID Lamps
• T5, T8 and T12 Bulbs • Halide Lamps • Quartz Lights • Lighting Fixtures
• Replacement Light Bulbs for almost everything • Batteries • Exit Signs

We are experts in all lighting applications, including:

• Parking Lot Lighting • Industrial Lighting • Commercial Lighting • Retail Lighting

We carry specialized brands, including:

• Philips • Sylvania • GE • Satco • Ushio

• Green Creative • Industrial Lighting Products • Lighting Science • Deco Lighting

• Toshiba • CREE • Sunpark Electronics • DuraGuard

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