Free Lighting Energy Audits

How does an ENERGY AUDIT work?

Pacific Lamp’s lighting experts will visit your facility and survey room sizes and configurations, the types of activities taking place, and the current lighting levels.

This survey is followed up by a meeting to discuss your current energy use and identify energy-saving strategies. These can include lower owning and operating costs, lower projected maintenance and replacement intervals, and monthly utility savings, as well as any tax credits or incentives available to your business.

With your approval, a team of lighting retrofit experts will install the required fixture upgrades and perform any necessary refurbishments. All retrofit work carries a one-year guarantee.

What can a free ENERGY AUDIT do for my business?

With a no-obligation energy audit, your business can identify where you are using more energy than necessary and what are the most cost-effective solutions for your lighting needs. The result is lower energy use and smaller electrical bills.

With tax credits and incentives available from the state and federal government and the Energy Trust of Oregon, there has never been a better time to investigate the energy savings available through more efficient lighting.

What kind of facility can benefit from an ENERGY AUDIT?

Large and small businesses, schools, offices, hospitals, factories, shopping centers, restaurants, parking lots, or any other large or small facility that uses electricity for lighting.

Have businesses like mine seen real results from an Energy Audit?

Yes! Take a look at our case studies for examples of real savings by real businesses.

Our Energy Audits are a proven, cost-effective way to identify innovative energy solutions that will

  • reduce energy use,
  • create a safer and more productive workplace and
  • help protect the environment.

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