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Green Solutions

Modern energy efficient light bulbs pay for themselves quickly. Call us to find out how.

Green lighting isn’t just good for the environment – it’s also good business. Pacific Lamp helps businesses bring down energy costs and create a more productive work environment.

Pacific Lamp’s Business Energy Audits and Lighting Retrofits have helped large and small businesses navigate new lighting technology and identify the right solutions to maximize their ROI.


When businesses need expert lighting advice, they call the
team at Pacific Lamp.

Pacific Lamp is the industry leader in lighting and light bulb sales because no other light bulb supplier provides the same range of lighting product options or the same low prices. No one can match our experience in providing lighting products for businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

Call us today to hear about what we can do to bring down your energy costs.

Light Bulbs

At Pacific Lamp, we solve lighting problems – indoor, outdoor,
large or small.

Pacific Lamp stocks more than 5000 Light Bulbs and lighting products. Whether it’s light bulbs for an office, school, hospital, retail store, factory, or any other type of facility, Pacific Lamp always has the correct light bulb for your application, at the right price. We not only supply light bulbs we also sell ballasts, fixtures, and do lighting retrofits.

Call us today for all your light bulb needs.


Cost-saving business lighting upgrades for zero upfront cost!

Now there’s no reason to wait. By combining reimbursements from the Energy Trust of Oregon with Pacific Lamp’s brand new financing options, businesses can start seeing real savings every month without any out of pocket cost.

Call us today to find out about options for financing new energy efficient lighting upgrades.

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